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  • Currently en Puerto Rico — 9 de agosto, 2023: Varias ondas, ninguna se organiza

Currently en Puerto Rico — 9 de agosto, 2023: Varias ondas, ninguna se organiza

El tiempo, currently.

Hay varias ondas en el Atlántico, todas desorganizadas

El miércoles se caracterizará por aguaceros y tronadas otra vez en Puerto Rico ya que la atmósfera permanece inestable y húmeda debido a una vaguada en los niveles superiores de la atmósfera y una onda tropical. Como en días anteriores, la mayor parte de la lluvia matutina ocurrirá en el este, seguida de fuertes aguaceros y tronadas vespertinas que se formarán en el noroeste y cerca del área metropolitana de San Juan. Los vientos del este-sureste también promoverán temperaturas cálidas en las zonas urbanas y costeras del norte. Otra onda tropical más fuerte llegará el jueves por la tarde, por lo que podemos esperar condiciones similares hasta el final de la semana laboral e incluso durante el fin de semana.

—John Toohey-Morales

What you need to know, currently.

Florida has been the epicenter of a major marine heat wave that has strengthened all summer. Tuesday was the peak of the heat in Miami so far,

An excessive heat warning is in effect for nearly all of South Florida, with parts of the region under that highest-level heat warning for the first time ever. Heat stress is reaching record levels, with the Miami metro area facing more than 100 hours of excessive heat index so far this summer, more than double the second-worst year, according to Miami-based meteorologist Brian McNoldy. On Tuesday, the Miami heat index peaked at 113°F (45°C) — the hottest reading in city history.

Miami is the only city in the world with a Chief Heat Officer, and has worked diligently to set local heat standards to give workers frequently exposed to outdoors protections from heat-related illness and injury even as similar rules are fought by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and state officials.

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What you can do, currently.

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